Evangelical Agenda Exposed by Lesbians Undercover

Hatred for homosexuals, indoctrination of children, and partisan politics in the pulpit - all part of the hornet's nest we stumbled upon in our experiment / investigation conducted at an Evangelical church in Austin, Texas.

Prior to embarking on this project, we assumed that the hate rhetoric coming from America's pulpits was a manifestation of self-righteous religion; the truth points to something much deeper... unrelenting GREED!

Our successful infiltration of this Evangelical Organization proves that lesbians and gays are NOT the ABOMINATIONS these preachers make us out to be. If all those teachings are true, why did their God not see fit to reveal to this Pastor that he was being punk'd by two lesbians right inside his church, as he was proudly parading us before the congregation?

The now completed documentary, Faith of the Abomination, clearly illuminates how the Pastor and his cronies, under "God's authority", use divisive social issues such as homosexuality and gay marriage, to rally their people into giving money to fight these "unrighteous agendas". The same hateful rhetoric is also used to scare parents into sending their kids to the churches' Institutions of Indoctrination, and to form powerful coalitions with politicians and other leaders who are just as greedy and corrupt.

Meanwhile, thousands of families are torn apart, hundreds of thousands of people leaving their faiths, and many more left hopeless to the point of taking their own lives... as these "high priests" stockpile the offerings, on top of our tax subsidies, to build their own massive, multi-million dollar empires.

Below is a clip from the documentary, highlighting the coalition between the Politician and the Preacher.

Exclusive Faith of the Abomination Documentary screening and discussion available to all interested organizations upon request.


Anonymous said...

I saw your film and hope to articulate a comment about your feelings and reaction to them after thinking things had been over just because you had not been covert.

You didn't feel that those who had done unto you could appreciate what they had done unless it was done unto them somehow. That you didn't enjoy it didn't make it the wrong thing to do I agree. But understanding why you felt it was the right thing to do despite being hard to do might not make it any easier but would make defending it more direct.

Anyway as I mentioned I hope to take at least a third swing at this sometime in the future. The content in you blog is far more straightforward then in teh documentary and that's good.

Anonymous said...

sorry i still ahve the worst migraine ever I meant overT to contrast with your second church's covertness on your part. You didn't know that your being out from the getgo had the prior church concealing there thoughts, the ones you where shocked to discover many months in but not able to dialogue yourself at that point given I guess the mutual square off over how you where told you could change and therefor should.........