Deep in the Heart of Texas, two lesbian ministers (Ceil and Han), after being rejected by the Evangelical Organization, devise and execute an unprecedented sociological experiment.

Their mission: Go undercover as heterosexual ministers (CL and Cammy Morrison), and attempt to gain acceptance and respect in the same Organization. With great determination and courage, they overcome many challenges to successfully infiltrate this hostile Organization, and their investigation would unravel a hornet's nest of greed, religious persecution, indoctrination of children, and partisan politics in the pulpit.

"Faith of the Abomination"... A frightening journey with no scripts, no retakes, no safety net.


Richard said...


It takes quite a bit of courage to take on the religious establishment. My hat goes off to you, Ceil and Han. You two lesbians have more testicular fortitude than most men do. Your work is important. I wish you well with your project. Be careful, and keep the faith.

Richard C.

Jim said...

I'm just checking in to see the status of the film -- and to see you you are doing.

Is the film "out?" (If you'll pardon the expression!)

And how are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Where can I see it?

Han said...

Anonymous, please contact us at info(at symbol) to discuss viewing availability in your area.